Nothing like the ole park bench for a kip.

Lots of memorable hitchhiking in the UK.

….and when I said we slept rough, I meant it!

Early travelling days.  Inter-railing around Europe at 17 with Saaed Mohamadi and Pete Stanley.

Wonderful Venice.  Yes the world at our feet and yes I used to have long hair too! (well we all did I guess?)

Pete and Jerry, Menton, South France, looking for the beach to sleep on.

My other travelling companions, outside the famous ‘pudding shop’ Istanbul where part of the well known film ‘Midnight Express’ was filmed.  Definitely a place where East meets West.


Istanbul’s beautiful Blue Mosque overlooks the mighty Bosphorus river and is famous for having six minarets. Its name comes from the intricate blue tiles inside and, along with the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque is an absolute must for any visitor to this amazing city.

My Argentinian friend Molta on the Bosphorus, Istanbul 1979 (feeling on top of the world, having just turned 18).

Quetta – Iranian border.  When seats are scarce do as the locals do and take a chance on top of the bus and no, you definitely do not want to break down in the middle of nowhere!

Lahore, Quetta on the way to Iran, doing the great overland trip back to Europe.  If you can, an absolute must!

Wall poster in Tehran during the Iran-Iraq war 1984, on our way home.

2 years later, meeting up with Steph and my brother Viv, knocking back a well earned beer in Istanbul 1981.

The police thought we were naughty lads nipping onto the ferry at Diepe back to blighty without paying, after nearly 2 years on the road.  Well, we were broke what else could we do?

Back in Istanbul after the long journey through Iran followed by our first burger in months in Munich.

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, where you can buy anything from copper coffee sets to authentic hand woven carpets, just don’t forget to bargain!

Always time for some classic Turkish belly-dancing.


Those Turkish baths are amazing, worth every penny even if on a shoe-string budget like we were!

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