Pakistan – Hunza Valley

Classic Pakistan. Hunza style polo in Gilget.  In the old days they used a goats head for the ball but nonetheless it was polo like you’ve never seen or heard before – incredible!

Now this is what I call ‘Shangrilla’, (heaven on earth) cornflakes incuded.  Rakaposhi mountain range in the background.


Great view of the mountains from our tent in Karimabad, Hunza Valley, but can you see the ‘Ladies Finger?’ Of course you can!

Those ‘Parsu peaks’ of North Pakistan are simply breathtaking.

Completely lost! We eventually hitch a lift from some friendly locals – who are you staring at?!

Bit nippy ain’t it? Totally unprepared for this kind of Himalayan glacial trekking…but it was an experience!

On way to farmyard, who needs a tractor?!

Camping in Himalayas with German friend, Marcus.

The amazing British built fortress at Karimabad, stunning views.

Local Karimabad man guarding the fortress, love the Hunza hats.

At the home of a local who is baking the delicious ‘dildungi’ bread.

Butcher man.  Yes please, I’ll have the spare ribs!

Hunza valley kids waiting for the Aga Khan, tourists were rare.

Chandigar, Maymeo, Burma.  Very posh for us backpackers, we even had roast beef for dinner!

A wonderfully different mode of transport, Burma 1984.


‘My brother’ written on the back of this photo, sent to me from Pakistani boy, taken in Gilgit, Hunza valley in 1983 (his Dad was very proud!)


Traditional Pakistani lorries go up and down the Karakoram highway.  China is now open for trade but the bends are lethal!


Ancient shrine in Dacca, Bangladesh just before boarding the Scottish built steamship named ‘The Rocket’ on our way to Calcutta.  We had thrown our Bangladesh Biman air tickets away as we wanted this particular overland experience, crazy or what?!

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