‘From dusty Delhi to Goa’s sand…’ (a line from one of my ‘India’ poems).  Colva beach was pretty unspoilt in the early 1980s.

Travelling with my old faithful ‘Kodac Instantmatic’, blind beggarman and his trustee dog, one of my favourite shots, Red Fort Delhi.

Roughing it in India.  Well for a few rupees a night what do you expect?! The bed bugs were a lovely bonus of course!

Back in London after returning from one of my many trips to Asia.

Pahar Ganj, opposite New Delhi railway station is still, even now, a haven for ‘Westerners’ and believe it or not, I still have that shirt!

Slightly shell-shocked after returning from India for the first time, aged 19.  You can see that rather hazy ‘India look’.  For the first few weeks it felt strange being back in civilisation.

Enjoying a quiet kip on board a river taxi Lake Nagine, Kashmir.  I consider myself most lucky to have experienced this unique part of the world.

Lake Dal, Kashmir, beautiful and peaceful in the early 1980s but alas, since the troubles began tourists can’t visit.  Whatever happened to those amazing houseboats that reminded you of your Grandma and Grandad’s house?

Rather dodgy part of Bombay, with Gareth and Mark. Swansea University seems a long way away!

Varanasi is life changing.  Drifting down the Ganges (bodies sometimes floating past) at sunrise with my two Austrian friends, Sonia and Margrete, amazing.

Gareth and his blinkin’ sitar.  Note the luxury accommodation, Bombay.

‘To the station please’.  One of many excellent modes of transport, just as well we travelled light!

Stars of an Indian wedding we gatecrashed in Jaipur.  I just love that smile on the right, don’t you?

Holy cow, any one seen the platform? New Delhi railway station, pretty hectic to say the least!

Don’t come too close to this little beauty, Varanasi – ok a little touristy I admit!

Street scene in Bombay, not for the fainthearted and no, not every street is like this one.  India has changed a lot since the mid 80s.


Hindu Guru, preparing for religious festival.

Yes we actually were at Delhi’s Birla Mendir Temple although the picture was delightfully super-imposed!


‘Trust me, trust me…what is your good name Sir? I tell you your fortune.’

Ahh that wonderful ‘Evergreens’ hostel in Jaipur, what a breakfast!

Best mates!  Receiving guidance from holy man on the river Ganges, Varanasi (Benares) but what’s he holding eh?!

Chris and I waiting for our ‘chai’ to arrive.  Looking quite serious for a change!

Ashram experiences in Pondicherry, South India (nice pjs, oh yes and beard!)

Camel trekking in Rajastan.  Take a comfy cushion with you,  I would!

Very happy days on the road somewhere pretty hot. I wasn’t really a hippy as such!  India is completely where I learned a lot about myself and the world.

South Indian hostel at £1 a night was very humid with no fans but an excellent way to lose weight!

Different angle of the Red Fort, Delhi, wonderful place especially at sunset.

Ahh my good friend Vikram Srivastava, Delhi 2009, who once told me his Grandfather owned 20 Rolls Royces and had over 100 cooks in the palace they lived!

Entrance to Pahar Ganj, opposite New Delhi railway station which is still, even now a haven/meeting place for Westerners.

Vikram’s family, daughter, sister and Mother.  I remember first staying with them in Kanpoor in 1981 and his Mum insisting that the first thing I did was have a bath!

Classic auto rickshaw, dodging the cows and crowds.  Wonderful little taxi machines they were (and still are)!

Well there we were in Delhi when our Qantas plane went ‘tech’ and got redirected.

These three thoroughly enjoyed the best of ‘Jerry Bridge’s Delhi sightseeing day tour’.

Ending up in a great bar overlooking Connaught Place in central Delhi.  What an amazing day, a big thanks to Qantas, cheers!!

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