South America

Statue of Liberty, New York City, America.  The land of great opportunity.  Amazing to think you can climb right to the top like we did, it’s an awesome experience!

Chris and I on board Pan Am’s 1st class service en route to Rio with an overnight stay in New York, not a bad Trailfinder bonus in those days I have to say.

New York’s famous Twin Towers, I need say no more than that what an awful tragedy.

Statue of Christ, getting up front was pretty amazing.


Rio de Janeiro beats all the cities in the world I have had the pleasure visiting hands down for absolute stunning views, no question.

…and what a way to get around this city, it didn’t cost much to hire and forget about helmets!

Pretty cool eh? Not sure you could do this so easily nowadays.

Fancy a dip? Copacabana beats Bondi any day.

Ahh, great photo.  No, not one of mine!  South America from space, what an amazing continent!

The beautiful Andes mountain range, South America is very different to other parts of the world and pretty unspoilt too.

Village on the bouncy reeds Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

The Classic South American hat, wasn’t trying to pose, really!

At last arriving in Peru by boat from Bolivia.  What a great sign on the mountainside.

Quickest but not sure safest way across Lake Titicaca.  What a classic beautiful South American face this chap has eh?

Local train (hence rather crowded!) on way to Inca Trail drop off point.  Full of lively friendly people, buskers paradise but watch out for your personal possessions.

Kilometer 82, local train drops you off here for start of the Inca trail.

It’s not that expensive to rent your tent in Cuzco.  It makes a lot of sense in fact, then you don’t have to lug one around with you for the rest of your trip!

Now what was I saying about ‘Raiders of the Lost Arc?!’ (Don’t you just love that Bolivian hat?!)

Indiana Jones stuff, back to the Inca Trail.  What an amazing 3 days!

Howdy partners or evening all.  Just taking a stroll along the Inca trail, would you like to join us?!

A well earned rest after a solid 6 hour trek that day.  We were lucky there were no bandits around.  There have been various incidences of hostage taking and the like in the past.

Stunning views along the trail.

May was the perfect month for the weather and lack of people.

The Andes in the distance.

View of Machu Picchu from little climbed top of Moon Mountain which I have to say is an absolute must.  You get a different perspective. When you leave you climb down the mountainside along those tracks to the railway station that takes you back to Cuzco.  It’s a bit like doing the London to Brighton bike ride.

Taking it all in.

Amazing Machu Picchu, what a view after 3 days trekking.

Great music, fantastic atmosphere.

The Inca Wall, Mr Reeves (midnight cowboy lookalike!)  You are definitely a cool dude and a great travelling companion I have to say.

Superb costumes.  Cuzco’s answer to the Rio Carnival for sure.

Drinking water from a branch of a tree cruising through the Amazon backwaters.  We took risks though as we were in the middle of nowhere and totally reliant on the one small motor on the boat.  The water was piranha infested too!

School children dancing through the streets, what a sight!

Friendly creatures these Llamas.

Carnival time.

Down the Amazon not far from Iquitos and despite the mosquitos we saw some incredible wildlife and met some truly fascinating local people.

Adventure travel in Brazil or Peru should certainly include a visit to this amazing rainforest.  The Amazon has it all.

 Well here we are then, Rio!


 Carnival time, an amazing experience!

Definitely the most picturesque city in the world, you have got to go there!

Now that knocks Notting Hill for ‘Razmataz’ anyday!


4 wheel drives are a good way of exploring too.

       If you get a chance to fly over the Amazon just do it!

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