South East Asia

Outside Bangkok’s majestic and most impressive Imperial Palace.  Well, we had to do some sightseeing I suppose!

On our way back to the mainland after a few amazing days on Koh Samui

The ‘Two Bridge’s on the River Kwai’ enjoying a couple of beers whilst taking in the views…marvellous!

Tom learning sale technique and bargaining skills at 18 months old!

Katie, Tom and I returning to Koh Samui.  Lots of big changes, but still beautiful

Our favourite local french restaurant on Koh Phangan with all the Grealish’s.

How much?  Always a bargain to be had along the way!

Viv and I on the beautifully unspoilt, uncommercialised Chaweng beach in 1982.  Wow has it changed since then or what?

So there we were then Adrian, Viv and I, 3 brothers looking for a party on Thailand’s Koh Samui, wonderful days.

Read the amazing story of how the three of us met up on Koh Samui in 1982, as printed in the Independent newspaper a few years later…what lads!

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