The Best Holiday Experiences in South Australia

Australian Outback South Australia's Kangaroo Island


People come to Australia for all kinds of reasons: the diverse and dramatic landscapes; world-class beaches and surfing; compelling cities; exciting gastronomy; cultural experiences… we could go on but you get the idea. For those of you who have perhaps been on holiday to Australia before and ‘done’ the ‘golden triangle’ – that is Australia’s classic ‘Sydney, Reef & Rock’ – you may want to go somewhere different. South Australia is a destination for all whether you’re going it alone, holidaying with family or partying with friends. Or whether you like your experiences refined and sophisticated, carefree and casual or high-adrenalin injected. From shark-cage diving to sampling award-winning wines and from river cruising to hunting for opals – it’s all here.

In addition to all that, there are unparalleled opportunities this state offers for close encounters with a whole range of exotic and endearing wildlife. From the Outback to the coast and onward beneath the waves, South Australia is packed with incredible creatures; so much so that for the avid wildlife buff, bird-spotter or marine life enthusiast it can be difficult to know where to begin.

The terrain dishes up an exciting variety of options too from legend-rich Outback to untouched bush-land, rivers, wetlands, wilderness areas, cosmopolitan Adelaide and a seemingly endless coastline which will have hikers, flora and fauna seekers, outdoor enthusiasts and beach lovers straining at the leash to get in and amongst it all.

So, if you are planning a trip to South Australia read our travel blogs and articles in which we bring to light many of the wonderful aspects of this incredible state. If you are travelling to Australia for the second or third time we strongly recommend it as a must visit holiday destination.

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