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At you can book your QANTAS/Emirates Australian bound flights for travel with

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Where’s my bassinet then?!

children or infants. You can add in the number of infants (under 2 years of age) or children (aged 2 – 11 years) to your booking but the individual fares for these will not be shown until you have clicked through selecting specific flights. It isn’t possible to search separately for either a child or infant fare which is to be included with an adult ticket.

If a bassinet is required for an infant be sure to make this clear to a travel agent or, for online self-booking, the details of this can be added as a ‘special request’ during the booking process. However, general advice from QANTAS also seems to suggest a call to double check through UK reservations free-phone – 0800 964 432, after the booking is complete. As bassinets can only be placed with specific bulkhead seats they are limited and are not automatically allocated just because you have made a booking which includes an infant ticket.

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That’s more like it!

Additionally, once your booking is complete you can check these details through the ‘Manage My Booking’ on the QANTAS website. Remember that bassinets are ONLY possible with certain seats so once you have confirmed that a bassinet request is part of your booking don’t change seats.

Limited supplies of nappies and baby wipes are carried on board QANTAS/Emirates flights but are not guaranteed so it is best to make sure you have a good supply of your own.

If in the frenzy of booking flights you have completely forgotten to book a bassinet then all may not be lost. QANTAS/Emirates crew and ground staff will typically do their best to accommodate travellers with babies but of course going down this route carries no guarantees.

For further information and general travel advice about Qantas Airways and flying with kids contact us here at Trails of Australia. Happy Travelling!