Jerry Bridge’s Qantas


Wunala Dreaming' - the 1st Aboriginal themed aircraft

‘Wunala Dreaming’ – the 1st Aboriginal themed aircraft – Sydney

It wasn’t until I flew with Qantas for the first time that I discovered that its distinctive name is actually an abbreviated version of the airline’s original name: ‘Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services’. So what’s it like to fly with the world’s second oldest airline (founded 1920) nowadays?

Well, Qantas operate both internal and international flights, and I have to say that for me, flying either is always a pleasure. Far from the ‘wagon dragons’ employed by some airlines, the smartly-uniformed and constantly smiling flight attendants on Qantas couldn’t be more helpful and friendly. I’m also of an age at which I can remember those old TV commercials of Australian housewife-superstar Dame Edna Everage sitting alongside a grumpy talking koala bear to advertise Qantas. At the time, a couple of things puzzled me. A talking koala bear? It turns out that this little fellow has been the airline’s mascot since 1965 (oddly, however, Qantas’ has earned the nickname ‘the flying kangaroo’…). Come to think of it, what sort of a name for an airline is ‘Qantas’ in the first place? Answer – an excellent one!

Below you will see a few old photos I found relating to Qantas and trips I have done in the past. My story of flying with Qantas continues after them. To the right, you will find additional information and stories about why Qantas Airways is my airline of choice what ever class of travel I’m in – happy flying!

Jerry ‘Travelman’ Bridge


Qantas business class mid 90’s – on our way to Sydney for the annual Australia Tourism Exchange – cheers!

  New Qanats A380 in all it’s glory…

Inside Qantas’s Sydney aircraft hanger, what a great guided tour.

Inside the international airport at Sydney having a look round at their planes in the hanger. Now that’s Rolls Royce for you, massive! Next stop was Qantas’s flight simulator…


 As guests of Qantas, we were wined and dined and then taken out onto the Great Barrier Reef for a spot of diving.

As with pretty much any airline, if you’re six foot five or more in height you’re going to struggle with legroom in economy class, but for the rest of us it’s as spacious as you need and the reclining seats themselves are pretty roomy and comfortable; a good thing if you’re flying long-haul with Qantas. I’m not someone who finds sleeping on flights easy, regardless of the airline or cabin-class I’ve chosen, so in-flight entertainment is always something I appreciate to while away a long trip and Qantas doesn’t disappoint.

Qantas premium economy

Qantas premium economy

Depending upon your plane you’ll either find a video unit in the back of the seat in front of you, or you may be offered a tablet PC. Either way, I’ve always found a sufficient variety of movies, TV shows and music to keep me amused whether flight is short- or long-haul.

In-flight meals are another bone of contention; except on very rare occasions I’ve found the re-heated grub and unexciting accompaniments average at best. Qantas, at least, is doing its best to dispel the image of flat flight food by replacing conventional economy-class tray meals with fast-food-style boxes. Don’t be misled; the food within these space-saving boxes is a cut above your standard airline fare – a picky eater though I am, I have to admit that the decent-sized portions of battered fish with potato wedges or stir-fried chicken with noodles on offer were pretty good by any standards.

All in all, even if flying doesn’t excite you quite as much as it does me, I’m happy to report that flying with Qantas is as comfortable, enjoyment and efficient an experience as the modern-day traveller – whether a housewife-superstar or not – could wish for, not least thanks to the airline’s super-friendly and attentive cabin crew.