Bidding for Upgrades with Qantas Airways

bidding for upgrades qantas

Qantas Business Class – well worth bidding for!

Qantas have launched a new bidding for upgrades system which gives their frequent flyers the chance to elevate their Economy or Premium Economy seat status to Business Class on selected flights. The new system is called ‘Bid Now Upgrades’ and bids are made up from a combination of Qantas points and cash.

This is how it works – you book your Qantas flight, wait for your email invite which comes seven days before departure and then get bidding. Minimum points requirements for domestic flights and international flights are 3,000 and 5,000 respectively and you will also be notified of the minimum dollar amount to bid depending on the flight in question.

Your bid, which isn’t visible to other customers, can be changed or deleted at any point up until 24 hours before departure and should your bid be unsuccessful you simply keep your original seat at its original cost.

Bid Now Upgrades are allocated after points-only upgrades have been decided but should you get lucky with your points-cash combo you’ll be notified by email around 24 hours before your departure.

There are other airlines out there, along with Qantas, which offer points related upgrades but Qantas have gone trail-blazing with this new points-cash combo system which, at the time of writing, is unique to them; a great way for frequent flyers a little low on their points to get an upgrade opportunity.

Bidding for upgrades Qantas

Best sleep in the world

Also one to bear in mind is the fact that Qantas have won various awards recently. For example, in 2014 Qantas received five of the thirteen awards available through the “Cellars in the Sky” business traveller presentations including ‘Best Overall Wine Cellar’.

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