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Outstanding contribution to Australian tourism award 2004

Jerry Bridge receiving Tourism Australia’s ‘Outstanding Contribution to Australian Tourism’ award 2004 – one of many highlights of my career.

According to a recent poll, holidays in Australia are right at the top of everyone’s wish list of places to experience. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled there over 20 times and reckon I know the country pretty well. Do not be put off the long flight journey from the UK. If you fly with Qantas, Perth is only 21 hours away and Sydney or Melbourne, not much longer (approx 24 hours).  I like to break the trip up with a night or two in Dubai or Singapore and would suggest doing so yourself, especially if travelling with small children.

So where does one start when personally recommending places to visit or places to stay? Australia has over 10,000 beaches, three time zones and numerous climates depending whether you are north or south, east or west of the country.

I would most definitely take in the ‘Sydney, Reef & Rock’ combo if you have never been on holiday to Australia before and want to experience the classic landmarks. If you have been then you’ll need to give more attention to your planning and research. Where you go and what you end up doing will probably be determined by what your interests are. I can offer great advice on where the best vineyards are for example or which are the best luxury lodges of Australia. As there are so many excellent walks in Australia, you might be keen to go trekking in the Outback – Flinders Ranges or the Kimberley’s for example. If you are travelling with children you’ll need to know where the best Island resorts are or child-friendly cattle stations. There really is so much to consider.

holidays in australia - quicksilver cruises

Quicksilver cruises

Whatever your budget, I can help you with all travel aspects of your proposed holiday to Australia including the best of Australia’s barrier reef cruises, golf courses, Outback retreats, rail journeys, air safaris and spas. Additionally, if you need help with your airfare routings, vehicle hire or coach travel, I can advise you on that too. I would recommend a starting budget of GBP5,000 per person for a luxury tailor-made 2-3 week itinerary. Allow more if you want to fly in premium economy, business or first class. If you are after what I call the ‘Marks & Spencers’ of travel, budget around the GBP3,500 mark and you should be alright. Just remember, there will extras to consider like your day to day expenses, internal travel arrangements, (car hire for example) meals and souvenirs.

For a backpacking experience, how does the thrill of a bungy jump, paraglide or kite surf in  Australia sound to you? Do you fancy travelling together with a group of like-minded people up the East Coast of Australia on a hop-on hop-off style bus? These are just some of the many amazing experiences available to those travellers with generally more time on their hands but less money. Perhaps you want to combine a gap year travelling with some work experience? Are you unsure about which visa to apply for? I can advise you on all these possibilities without bombarding you with too much information.

There are many specialist Australia tour operators in the UK to choose from but which one will be right for you? You can pick one from a newspaper advert, take pot-luck with google or take my advice. Please do not rely on the first thing a travel consultant in an agency is likely to suggest – have a good idea in your head before committing to a booking and paying your deposit.

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Uluru – Ayers Rock

It was 1982 when I first travelled overland to Australia and drove 24,000 miles around Australia in a Holden HR station wagon nicknamed ‘Mr. Roo’. I was with my best school friend, Chris Reeves, and between us we had over twelve different jobs including one on Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef but that, (and the famous poem I wrote about Ayers Rock) is another story… Travelling across from Wellington in New Zealand, where I base my self eight months of the year, is relatively easy. It only take three hours and every time I do it I am reminded why I have always thought Australia is such an incredible country.


Benefits for you if you contact Jerry Bridge & World Travel with Bridge include:-

1) Practical travel advice on when to go and what to do when you get to Australia that is guaranteed to save you time and money.

2) Personal introductions (emails & direct telephone lines) to some of the UK’s most experienced booking consultants once we have looked at all the options.

3) Exclusive offers including 2 for 1 hotel night deals, room upgrades and free excursions with range of product suppliers, hotels, airlines and tourist boards.

4) Free Australia ‘Lonely Planet’ guide book when you book your flights with Qantas Airways.

5) Free case of Australian wine when you book your holiday with one of our recommended travel operators.

For the best pre and post booking travel and holiday advice and booking recommendations throughout Australia contact Jerry Bridge today – he is by far one of the UK’s leading independent Australia holiday specialists.

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