Australia Holiday Ideas

Australia holiday ideas - Sydney seaplanes

Sydney seaplanes – spectacular views

So, you are thinking of travelling on holiday to Australia but need some ideas as to what to do and where to go? I’ve already mentioned distances in Australia are on the scale of an elephant so my best advice is to try and focus on what really interests you and what your budget will allow. The more places you want to visit, the more it makes sense to book a Qantas flight internally and thereby minimise travel time between your holiday highlights.

On the other hand, if you have time, travelling around by train, camper van, car or small cruise ship can also play an important part of the overall holiday experience. My advice can differ enormously depending on what time of year you want to visit and whether or not you have been before. If it’s your second or third trip to OZ, the chances are you will have already done the classic triangle – ‘Opera House, Reef and Rock’. You might decide that you just want to stay in one State for your entire holiday or focus on the best food and wine destinations or the abundant luxury lodges of Australia.


Surfers riding a frothing wave toward Bondi Beach. Kangaroos bounding through wild grasslands. Diners savouring local vintages in an urban bistro. All of this is Australia. But it’s only the beginning of the story. Feel the thunder of hooves as you canter across a vast outback sheep station. Inhale the salty tang of sea air as you walk a scenic coastal path. Delight in the thrum of a helicopter rotor as you travel to undiscovered places. Listen to the ancient tales of an Aboriginal storyteller under a starry sky.

With countless species of plants and animals, Australia exerts a magnetic pull on nature lovers. Whether you’re enjoying the dawn chorus of parrots, photographing a sleepy koala in a eucalyptus tree, or chuckling at a parade of little penguins, you’ll feel as though you’re starring in a nature documentary.

Melbourne sky line - Australia holiday ideas

Melbourne sky line

For the urban adventurer, Australia’s cosmopolitan cities are unparalleled places to relax, indulge and play. Attend an avant-garde play in sophisticated Melbourne. Shop for designer fashions in Sydney. Immerse yourself in Adelaide’s thriving culinary scene. Revel into the small hours on the glittering Gold Coast or enjoy the laid-back beach culture of Perth. Enjoy a new era of Australian experiential luxury. Now, even in remote locales, you can stay in exceptional accommodations, from exquisite historic buildings to tented ‘camps’ serving gourmet fare. Unwind with a massage in the luxe spa of a city hotel or savour a cooking class in a wine country retreat. Everywhere, service is superb and in many properties, the owners are on site.

City or country. Mountain or island. Rainforest or vineyard. Spa or trail. The diversity of uniquely Australian places is endless – and with luxurious options abounding, there’s never been a better time to visit.

Take a look at the below images for some inspirational holiday ideas

Need some Australia holiday ideas?Sydney Harbour sea planes, an absolute ‘must do’ experience for stunning views followed by lunch further up the coast – it’s got to be done!

Called just Koala’s nowadays & not Koala Bears, as they are actually Marsupials…but aren’t they cute?!


Swimming with the world’s largest fish known as the ‘Whale Shark’ is just one of the awesome experiences available in the north west of Western Australia. For many visitors, it is a once in a lifetime thrill.


South Australia’s Flinders Ranges – a unique and ancient part of the world. A quote from Hans Heyson sums it up as ‘the bones of the earth laid bare’

Scuba diving or just snorkling is a wonderful experience on the Great Barrier Reef. Try and get your ‘Padi’ diving certificate sorted before you get there if you can


Longitude 131 offers unbelievable views of Uluru at sunrise or sunset where you can also dine out under the stars. Go on, take a trip out there and immerse yourself in the unique flavours of the Outback

The Hazards – Freycinet national park, Tasmania – great for walks & outdoor adventure…

Just off to the Great Barrier Reef…best way of getting there, if you only have a day, is to boat it out on ‘Quicksilver’ and return in style (&speed) on a helicopter! Then you’ll have plenty of time for a dip in the pool before your dinner or bbq!

Enjoy Quicksilvers trip out to the Great Barrier Reef – this is the pontoon where the cruise will base itself for the day whilst you enjoy the snorkelling & diving.

Uluru or Ayers Rock as it was….try and add it to your itinerary – it’s  amazing & totally inspiring, which ever angle you view it – I took the picture on the right from the top, it was like walking on the moon…

Ancient Aborigini art work


Every trip to the ‘rock’ should include a visit to the ‘Olgas’ – eerily awesome too…

Try the great Outback cattle drive     Aborigini’s – at home in the Outback

Waterfall & gorge close to Baramundi lodge

Sunset with some of Western Australia’s Aborigini’s

Could be in the Okavanga Delta I know, but its Kakadu and it’s teeming with wildlife, you will love the Northern Territories


The best time to visit the top half of Australia is during the UK’s Summer – June, July, August & September

  Watch out for those Crocs!!


Fishing on Kangaroo Island or anywhere in Australia is an experience


Watch out for those bigguns!


Tasmania’s ‘Wineglass Bay’ – recently voted one of the world’s best beaches…

Arkaba station homestead – experience wild bush luxury in the Flinders Ranges…a real taste of ‘authentic Australia!’


Almost out of this world – one of the many stunning visuals of the Great Barrier Reef – amazing!

 The incredible Kimberley’s in Western Australia, best seen by helicopter, but some great walks there to…inspiring place


The mighty Ghan train heading up to the ‘Red Centre’ – a great experience if you have the time and makes a nice change from flying!


Iconic shot of the train viewed across the plains by a Kangaroo…(of course!)


Yes I know, it reminds you of the Underground….! But these are the major train routes around Australia

Australian Holiday Options

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