Australian Adventure & Activities

Australian adventure - Mount Olga Northern Territory

Mount Olga – Northern Territory

Where indeed do you begin your Australian adventure? I think you’ll find just thinking about a holiday to Australia will set your mind going and body tingling. Few places offer such diversity especially once you head out of the main cities. For most people the adventure will begin in either Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide as these are the most popular ‘gateways’ into Australia with more international flights arriving than Perth, Brisbane or Darwin. With its vast Outback, gorgeous stretches of beaches, ancient forests, coastal reefs and distinct wildlife, Australia offers the holiday maker more than most top destinations around the world.

Contact me (Jerry Bridge)for my advice and learn about Australia’s many adventurous journeys, ranging from Outback Australia’s 4WD routes to challenging long-distance walks and picturesque diving/sailing trips. Hear what I have to say about places to visit in the remote, rugged Australian Outback, from Australia’s Red centre to South Australia’s Flinders Ranges and the magical Kimberley in Western Australia.

Sal-Salis Ningaloo-Reef, Snorkelling

Sal-Salis Ningaloo-Reef, Snorkelling

Australia is a surfer’s paradise, let me tell you where the best beaches are across the country, from Victoria’s Surf Coast to Byron Bay in New South Wales. Discover the best hot-spots for diving and snorkelling, from Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef to Tasmania’s East Coast Dive Trail. Then learn more about the beautiful Australian places you can canoe or kayak, from Katherine Gorge to the turquoise waters of Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park. Experience Sydney’s famous ‘Bridge Climb’ – it has to be one of my all time favourite activities (I’ve climbed it three times). You’ll never tire of the stunning views from the top of Sydney harbour and the magnificent Opera House (see the photo below!)

Ideas & suggestions for your holiday Downunder:-

I may well have climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge 3 times but I will never get tired of those amazing views of Sydney in all it’s glory – like Rio, one of the most scenic capitals in the world – a classic Australian adventure for sure!


Chris & I – Uluru/Ayers Rock classic, we were lucky enough to be able to climb the rock which is what inspired me to write the poem about it…contact me for a copy!


Rain forest retreats and adventures, a great way of getting around, especially at sunrise – Queensland


The Great Barrier Reef is one of the top places in the world for diving, it truly is an amazing Australia adventure.


 Massive ant hills in Western Australia, just make sure you have a good pair of shoes on and not flip-flops like Chris here…the sting is most unpleasant!


Kakadu national park- going in by boat, awesome place and perfect for your Outback Australian adventure.

Those great Australian sign posts, but where’s the pub?


It’s never too late to hit the road!

Car, Campervan or bus – those long open roads in Australia are awesome and they drive on the left side!

Backpacking or 5* travel, Sydney is the most popular gateway to Australia

Fraser Island ship wreck, any dingo’s on board?

Those beautiful beaches and sense of freedom, Australia’s Queensland coastline has some of the best in the world

Camel safaris like you have never seen or experienced before in Western Australia


Ozzie Experience hop on, hop off bus passes are the way to go for these intrepid travellers


Hot Springs in the Northern Territories – you have got to enjoy them in full

The Remarkable rocks on Kangaroo Island – with friends


Snorkeling or diving on the barrier reef is an amazing Australia adventure – there really is no where quite like it in the world.


There’s so much more to Australia…(montage of a family trip to Australia)