Sab Lord – Crocodile Dundee Safari Tours

Hi – no this is not a picture of Sab Lord but you can be sure he’s just as strong and fearless! Paul Hogan (who I was once in a T.V ad with) played a massive part in bringing Australia (as a tourist destination) to the attention of the world with his Crocodile Dundee character and what a great series of films they were!

croc dundee

I’d always thought a ‘safari’ was exclusively about spotting big cats and elephants amid the wild plains of Africa. It turns out I was wrong; a safari, from the Swahili word safar, refers to any adventurous journey or expedition. 
Even so, I was intrigued to see a company called Lord’s Safaris operating out of Australia’s Northern Territory. A safari? In Australia? Similar to Crocodile Dundee?! I had to check it out.

Lord’s Safaris have been running since 1990, and offers visitors the chance to discover some of Northern Australia’s most historic, unspoilt and naturally beautiful scenery and to meet the wonderful Aboriginal people who inhabit it. The outfit is the brainchild of Sab Lord, a guy who could eat Crocodile Dundee for breakfast and who knows the regions of Kimberley, Kakadu and Arnhem Land inside out. Sab’s intimate local knowledge and the strong relationships he and his team have forged with local Aboriginal folk guarantee an Australian safari that is as educational as it is spectacular.

Please contact me for further information about Sab Lord himself or any of his unique tours.

Sab Lord & Jerry Bridge -arm wrestling it out but who won?!

Sab Lord & Jerry Bridge -arm wrestling it out but who won?!