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Kuala Bear time - South Australia

Koala Bear time – South Australia near Adelaide

Hi. it’s Jerry Bridge here – well, I could always start off by reciting my classic Australia poem about what Ayers Rock (now Uluru). However, that would then spoil it for the section below that talks about my epic 24,000 mile drive around this vast continent and how I came to write it! It has to be said though, and I know it’s a cliche, but Australia does have it all… from the contrasting spectacular scenery, beaches and sunshine, rainforest, mountains for hiking and skiing in, the Great Barrier Reef, that dusty-red Outback and of course that wonderful Aussie sense of humour – no wonder so many Brits visit every year.

It’s a fact that Australia has more than 10,000 beaches from the calm waters of the Whitsunday Islands to the terrific surf at Noosa or Byron Bay. The good news is though that whatever time of year you decide to holiday in Australia, you will find a beach that matches your taste and mood. Most people think the the UK Summer is Winter for Australia but in reality from the mid to top half of Australia, the weather is perfect during our Summer. So, if you want to visit the Great Barrier Reef north of Brisbane, the Red centre (Uluru) and Kakadu national park close to Darwin you could have an amazing holiday, as I once did, during July and August.

Snorkelling just off Heron Island

Snorkelling just off Heron Island

Ok, I love Australia’s fire-coloured Outback and the long dusty roads that seem to go on for ever. Driving through such terrain knowing that Uluru awaits is well worth the trip to Australia’s mystical centre. Likewise, the World Heritage-listed ancient rainforests of Far North Queensland that lead on to the coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef are most definitely ‘must do’ experiences whether you are a seasoned traveller or visiting for the first time.

I don’t know about you but I love good ‘barista-made’ coffee, yes I’ve become a bit of a ‘coffee-snob’ of late but I don’t care! If you are going to limit those caffeine intakes to one a day, make sure it’s made with love, care and good coffee beans. Wine is another great love of mine and believe me States such as South Australia and Victoria have recently even knocked the French wine makers off the award winners’ plinths. Are you a diner that likes to savour local vintages in urban bistros? If so take advantage of Tourism Australia’s recent global ‘Restaurant Australia’ campaign. The list of what’s on offer is endless.

clare1 valley_opt-2

Clare Valley vineyard – South Australia

Quite apart from the tailor-made specialist UK tour operators I recommend, I can personally introduce you to a number of excellent tourism organisations ‘on the ground’ who deliver the best available experiences in their field. These include Ultimate Wineries of Australia, Luxury Lodges of Australia, Great Golf Courses and Great Walks of Australia to name but a few. Contact me in the first instance for some practical advice before wandering off as I have negotiated some exclusive deals with these companies – just for you!

I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to Australia for business and pleasure many times over the last 30 years. My travel advice for Australia is free and independent of any large organisation. 


I may well have climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge 3 times but I’ll never get tired of those stunning views of Sydney, one of the most scenic capitals in the world that’s for sure.

Chris Reeves and I at the amazing Uluru/Ayers Rock in the Northern Territories, we were lucky enough to be able to climb it.

My famous poem about travelling to Ayers Rock.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the top places in the world for diving. You can snorkle or get your Padi certificate there.

Massive ant hills in Western Australia.  Just make sure you have a good pair of shoes on and not flip-flops like my friend Chris here.  The sting is most unpleasant!

Descendants of an ancient civilization, Outback Aborigini’s.

With Stewart Rigg & Tony Thurwell from Tourism New South Wales at the opening of the ‘Sydney 2000′ Olympics – an incredible night!!

A work or pleasure trip to Queensland would never be complete without a spot of golf!

Ahh…those lovely hairdresser girls from Adelaide enjoying a night out in Sydney’s Bourbon & Beefsteak Inn.

My good friend Rodney Harrex, Head of Tourism Australia UK at the annual Tourism Exchange.

A Bridge & Wickers favourite, cruise out to the barrier reef for snorkeling, diving and lunch and then helicopter back in style to your hotel.

Bridge the World days, diving the Great Barrier Reef with friends and competitors.

Michael Healy and I securing a deal with ‘Quicksilver’ cruise boat…a massive Queensland attraction to the outer Great Barrier Reef and beyond

Andrew, Rachel and I hard at work negotiating next years rates and securing much appreciated marketing funding…

Melanie D’Souza from Tourism Victoria and the one and only Mr Rhett Lego – Conjoint Marketing. P.S. I love the glasses Rhett!

Not sure what the joke was (the hats perhaps?!) but we were having the time of our lives at this Australian Tourism Exchange in Sydney …

One of my favourite experiences – cruise out to the reef for snorkling, diving & lunch and then helicopter back to my hotel in time for a swim before dinner – it’s got to be done!

Jerry and some of Europe’s leading travel industry players relaxing at the ‘Remarkable Rocks’ on Kangaroo Isl

Now that’s Rolls Royce for you, massive! Next stop was Qantas’s flight simulator…


The one and only Tourism Victoria’s Melanie D’Souza – a great friend and supporter  My good friend Ron Livingston and I having a 1:1 at the conference, he’s pretty good at golf too!
 The ‘A’ list of ATE’s tourism chiefs enjoying our annual darn good ‘Steak & Red’ luncheon before going our seperate ways…always a classic!  BA / Qantas trip to watch the 1998 World Cup Final in Los Angeles which saw Brazil beating Italy finally on penalties…that was some trip!


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