Jerry Bridge’s Classic Travel Photos

Chris Reeves & Jerry Bridge - Delhi 1983 one of many classic travel photos

Chris Reeves & Jerry Bridge – Delhi 1983

Do you find travel exciting, invigorating and mind changing? I certainly do and I hope my collection of classic travel photos inspire you! It can help uplift and inspire us to experience things we may never have thought possible.  From the Himalayas to the Pyramids, the Amazon to the Caspian Sea, there really is nothing like packing the bag and ‘hitting the road’ whatever your budget or time constraints may be. Please enjoy these nostalgic travel photos and stories of mine.

My earliest recollections were all about making my money last as long as possible so there was a lot of hitch-hiking, sleeping under the stars, dodgy bus trips and really long rail travel (especially in India!) As you can see from the pics, travel is fun and whilst growing up every opportunity was taken to head off. Highlights for me include bathing in the Ganges at sunset, walking the Inca Trail, climbing Ayers Rock and camping out under the stars in Africa listening to the ‘grunting’ sound of lions – all totally amazing!

Hey, one last thing… Why not email  the best of your classic travel photos & a short description of where you are and what you’re doing? There’s a good chance they’ll appear in this section! I’m offering a monthly prize for the best 3 photos, so come on then, get those albums out!

To get a really clear picture of what it was like take a look at my travel photos just to the right here, there are some classics – I guarantee they will inspire you to pack your bags or even better, to contact me!