Africa Travel

The classic shot relaxing at the Pyramids of Giza, late 80s.  Although I prefer the ones at Sucara where you climb down rickety old metal staircases into the great catacombs and caverns where the rich Pharaohs and Mummies were laid to rest.  Unfortunately it’s not quite the same nowadays.

Climbing the amazing Mount Sinai at sunrise where Moses received the 10 Commandments.  Eerie to say the least, but I did feel close to God.

Spectacular views from the top of Mount Sinai.  With me are my climbing/travelling French friends. Africa travel as it should be…amazing!

You are coming from sir…?! New best friends on the river Nile.

Have you ever travelled around Africa in an old Bedford truck? I was lucky enough to win a 3 week trip around Zimbabwe and Botswana in 1987 (top sales consultant) whilst working at Trailfinders travel centre. The overland company was Guerba and they knew their stuff alright, camping every night under the stars.  A magical trip for me.

Listening to this fellow in the dead of night was amazing.  Have you ever heard the sound they make? It’s not the traditional roar you would expect that’s for sure!

Dr Livingston I presume?!

Rowing in swamplands

You would not want to be stranded for too long out there in the swamps with a hole in your canoe that’s for sure!

Travelling in style – Africa travel within this vast country is wonderful.  Those faithful old propellers, now this is how you should travel internally around Africa when time is not on your side.

View of Okavanga Delta from the air.  See how the water trickles first and then flows into the desert, amazing natural phenomenon.

Here is our canoe man for the day, pointing out stunning bird and wildlife.

What a relaxing way to spend the day on the Delta.

Those wonderful Johannesburg streets lined with Jacaranda trees. Courtesy of Matthew Lewin.

Those amazing gold mines of South Africa.  It is touristy but an experience not to miss if you get the chance on the outskirts of Johannesburg.

Kenya.  Taking a safari trip with tour guide, the authentic Masai costume made the whole experience unforgettable.

Well I suppose it is kind of camping isn’t it? Ouch eh though!  To be honest, this is what I call 5 star luxury in Africa, sleeping under the stars with all the wildlife around you – it is pure magic!

All part of the safari experience, champers at sunset overlooking the plains of Africa, it’s got to be done!

Now where are those lions?

Yikes, there they are enjoying their morning kill.  Poor hippopotamus didn’t stand a chance.

Now that’s what I call a pretty rare steak!

The lucky hippo that hid in the water and got away!

Thirsty work.  A well earned drink after all that blood and meat.  Beautiful creatures, absolutely incredible – nothing like what you see in the zoo that’s for sure.

Yes indeed, thirsty work alright!

Blinkin’ scavengers, I guess it’s all part of the food / life chain.

So, you’re thinking about getting married somewhere unusual are you?

A long way from Cardiff my dear and who are all these new best friends?

‘I do’!  Well it would have been a waste of time and money if you suddenly had second thoughts! And apart from the proud grooms’ Dad looking on and the couple managing Loisaba Lodge where we were all staying, we were the only other official guests.

The happy couple, Gareth and Sian, but where should they go for their honeymoon?!

Poor Mr Goat, off to the slaughter, what a feast it’s gonna be!

Alternatively, cheers to all friends and family back home in Wales who couldn’t make it, that’s much more like it!

Neverending supply of game to observe on these wonderful safaris.

Ahh, how cute are those elephants?! This is what Africa travel is all about and more…

The buffalo, one of the most dangerous animals in Africa but not so for this bird.

Cheetahs, aren’t they just so beautiful?

Wow – is that really a Zebra crossing….the road?!

There’s nothing like a ‘sundowner’ at the end of a busy day!

All pictures of the Victoria Falls we’re taken by my good friends Matthew and Viv Lewin.

On the edge of the falls, a truly life changing experience, not for the fainthearted!

The Victoria Falls in all their glory, truly awesome viewing.  Just don’t forget your waterproof jacket!